How To Ace Your Digital Marketing In 2024

Andrew Wetzler - January 8, 2024

I’m enthused to share that many organizations we’re speaking with are approaching 2024 with a renewed sense of confidence, a willingness to test new channels & tactics, along with more robust budget projections (compared with this time last year). Figuring out how best to deploy these resources is very important.

A great place to start is a comprehensive review of last year’s performance, homing in on the channels and tactics that were most profitable.  There’s no shame in discontinuing channels that are underperforming; even if they are ones that have worked well historically. Reallocate resources based on 2023 results.

Confirm that your analytics is both tracking & reporting properly. With the transition to GA4, many companies are still out of sorts data-wise, as The Wall Street Journal recently noted. A more advanced step would be to create custom reports that use Google’s new analytics technology to arrive at a sufficient degree of visibility to allow you to make informed decisions moving forward. Your old (Universal Analytics) reports will not automatically transfer over.

Since the earliest days of the Digital Marketing industry, there have always been new technologies and innovations that captured people’s attention and diverted resources from their core missions. Artificial Intelligence is that new shiny thing and like prior industry pivots, AI has a long way to go before it radically impacts what marketers are doing on a day-to-day basis.

This isn’t to diminish the significant, big picture impact that AI is going to have on all aspects of life, including Digital Marketing. Nor is it to minimize the amount of AI that is already baked into existing products (like GA-4 and Performance Max). Assuredly, the ability to create all sorts of content will be enhanced through tools that are powered by AI, but that’s in its very early stages.

Look backwards to gain a clear understanding of what transpired in 2023 to inform your best moves to begin the new year. As always, please reach out with any questions (

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