How to Use Design to Improve Conversion Rates

Syreeta Lockett - May 26, 2016

There’s more to websites than just a pretty design. Your website is a sales tool that can be used to convert site visitors into customers. The effective use of design can help create and emphasize the conversion process. Here are three ways to use design to improve your website’s conversion rates.

1. A Simplified Approach

When redesigning your website, use a simplified approach with clear calls to action. By using a more minimalistic approach to design, your customers will be able to define clear calls to action to move along the sales funnel. By reducing clutter, you are able to outline exactly where you would like your customers to click. If there is too much of an emphasis on bright colors, sliding images, etc., the potential customer could become too absorbed in the design. Keep lead generation and sales funnels as a higher priority than the bells and whistles that can be used to make the site ‘pretty’.

2. Responsive Design

Responsive website design facilitates converting a user, no matter the device. It provides an optimal user experience to support your website’s overall goal. If a user enters your website using a mobile device, you want the user to have a clear understanding of the layout so that they will continue to browse the site.

3. Easy Contact

How many times have you visited a website looking for the company’s contact information, but struggled to locate it? It’s frustrating. Site visitors should be able to easily contact a company. Don’t get so concerned with creating sales funnels on your website that you forget some customers prefer the opportunity to directly contact a company for sales inquiries, issues, and support. Create a clear call to action, specifically in the footer, for your users.

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