How Vital Is Adding New Content?

Darren Franks - November 11, 2008

One of the best ways to keep getting a boost in search engine rankings is to always be adding new content to your website. Most SEO aficionados already know this, but it is not always easy to figure out what that new content should be. Coming up with new and exciting ways to keep your content on your website or blog fresh is a challenge for even the most experienced webmasters and SEO experts.

One of the not so obvious ways is to revisit the keyword targeting for some of your pages. Many webmasters don’t realize that performing keyword research shouldn’t just be a one time event and don’t bother to revisit which keywords they are targeting. They should be researching relevant keywords to drive more traffic to the site. Performing new keyword research on your site may present you with additional keywords that you are not already targeting and give you more search engine friendly content.

Even if your site is designed for ecommerce to sell your newest widgets, content should be added to your product pages. I have seen many products pages that display a gallery of products for sale and no description of what the product is. Why not add a paragraph or two to the top of the page to give your potential buyer an idea of what they’re getting?

Basically put, when search engines find new content on your site, they adore it. There are many websites that were created ten years ago and never added another word or image to entice the search engines or new surfers to visit.
Always be committed to adding new content, even if you have to hire a good copywriter to do it. It isn’t just great for the search engines; it’s also helpful to keep people coming back to your site and to get those conversions flowing for your newest product or service.

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