In-Stream Video Ads with Google

Katherine Bennett - June 1, 2011

Most media can now be consumed online, from TV shows, to radio, to the news. In order to stay in front of their target audience, advertisers should be placing themselves where their audience is located, especially when it comes to video.

Google offers in-stream video ads so that advertisers can get their message to their target audience. In- stream video ads are 15 and 30 second video commercials that play before, during or after an online video. 15 second spots are recommended for in-stream video ads because that it is one of the most widely accepted time formats. In short, an in-stream video ad is a TV ad that plays on the internet. In-stream video ads are economical and cost less than a traditional TV buy.

In-stream video ads can be set up in Google AdWords. Google allows advertisers to choose between a cost per click or a cost per impression payment model. Google recommends starting with a cost per impression payment and then switching over to a cost per click after viewing results. Once a payment method is selected, advertisers can choose if they want to run their ads on YouTube only or expand their reach to other websites that accept video ads. In order to help advertiser’s ads play in front of the right audience, Google permits advertisers to select which category they want their video ads to be viewed on.   For example, if your company sells auto insurance, then the auto category would be good for your video ads. It would make no sense to select the medical category.

Once an advertiser has chosen the categories on which to run and uploaded their video ads, Google determines when these ads will run. Video ads can be paused and new ads can be uploaded at any time.   Just like paid placement campaigns, stats are provided on impressions, clicks, view through conversions and more.

In-stream video ads are a great way to get a message to the right target audience at a very low cost. Some advertisers have been slow to run in-stream video ads, but those who are running them are ahead of the curve.


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