Increasing App Adoption for Better User Experience

Lauren Owens - August 18, 2015

Your mobile app holds the keys to better user experience, but if you can’t get users to download and use the app, it would seem as though your efforts were for naught. So, how do you increase app adoption among your core audience? Try the following:

Consider What Your Users Need in an App

A mobile app should be elegant and streamlined, providing your users with exactly what they need on the go, and nothing that they don’t need. So, don’t feel like you have to include the entire kitchen sink with your app. Consider your audience and their unique needs. If usership has waned or adoption is low, it may be time to consult your app analytics to see where your bottlenecks are. This is what updates are for, after all.

Use App Indexing

App indexing enables the search engines to index your app content, thereby providing search users with the option to view your content within the app, provided they’ve already downloaded it. While this isn’t going to increase app downloads, it can increase usership, which is important; especially when you consider that many apps that are downloaded are only used once.

Market Your App More Aggressively

Your users don’t know your app exists – unless you tell them. Consider what a download is worth to you in terms of improved user experience and brand loyalty and plan an ad campaign aimed at increasing downloads. This can be done through Google’s Universal App Campaigns, which should be available “in a few weeks.”  You can also advertise your app through Facebook.

But don’t forget the other marketing tools at your disposal. Notify your users about your new app via benefit-focused social and email marketing campaigns.

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