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Increasing your Blog Readership

Michael Bergbauer - March 27, 2012

Of course, writing interesting and engaging content is a major part of increasing the readership and popularity of your blog. But from the standpoint of being indexed by Google and found via search results, there are several tactics you should be using for each post:

Promotion: When you launch a new blog, you can leverage the popularity of your main site to boost the visibility of the blog. Include links back to your blog on your main website and in marketing emails.

Social Sharing: As above, you should also update your social media accounts when you add new content to your blog. Although the links you post on social media sites are usually no-follow links, they still have a good chance of traffic and being shared by others.

Join Directories: Most people only consider joining a directory when they are launching an entirely new website. However, there are directories just for blogs that can increase your traffic. For starters, check out


Update Frequently: Google favors fresh content and active websites, so you should update your blog frequently and consistently. In most cases, one to three new posts per week will suffice

Combining these tactics with your engaging content is a surefire way to increase your visibility and blog readership.

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