It’s Important to Focus on Many Aspects of SEO

Darren Franks - May 11, 2009

Focusing on just one aspect of SEO can hinder more than help your optimization efforts. For instance, only taking care of your keyword research can prove a futile effort if search engines are unable to crawl your site. Having too much code on the page can increase the code to content ratio, thus reducing the density of the targeted keyword for that page.

Also, if you set up your robots.txt file incorrectly by not writing the correct instruction to not index certain pages, ones optimization efforts can be thwarted. If a large website with thousands of pages only wants the most important pages indexed, the search engine spiders may only index a certain portion of the site and may not be able to include the more important pages in its index. Another factor that may hinder a website’s performance if not included in optimization is the lack of quality inbound links to the site. You could have the best web content in the world, but if people are not linking to it, the lack of traffic to the site could make the rest of the optimization worthless.

It’s also important to ensure that all of the meta data on the site is as unique as possible. To increase the reach in the search engines for multiple search terms, keeping your titles, descriptions and keywords as unique as possible can make the world of difference in search engine indexing.

To conclude, it is intelligent to have a holistic approach to SEO as opposed to only utilizing one aspect. To truly give your website the best chance to rank well in the search engine results pages, fixing multiple SEO issues can only serve to give you that extra edge.

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