LeapFish for Search

Emily Creech - February 13, 2009

Have you ever heard of LeapFish?  

It wasn’t until recently that I learned of LeapFish, a search aggregator that collects information from many of the most popular search engines and provides universal results in one easy to navigate interface.   The site states that “LeapFish’s purpose is to gather, organize and render the most relevant information from the internet’s most valuable destinations for each user search entry, in one single search.”   Although somewhat similar to other aggregators such as Search.com and Dogpile, it has a few unique features and I have even heard that in the coming months users will be able to further customize LeapFish to their needs.

Their goal is not to compete with the huge players such as Google, Yahoo and MSN, but rather to make it easier to find relevant information from many sources simultaneously.   For those loyal Googlers, before you type a query, the search box even states, “It’s ok, you’re not cheating on Google…”


Although the search defaults to displaying web results from Google, you can also click the radio buttons above the search box to display Yahoo and MSN results.

Never before has it been so easy find such diversified results on a topic on one page.   It eliminates the need to flip from one browser or tab the next to find what you’re looking for.   If you do a search for “Weather in Florida”, for instance, you’ll see something like this:


Just in the image above, web results from Google, news results from Yahoo, video results from YouTube, images results from Google and Yahoo, and shopping results from Ebay and Amazon are all displayed.   Not visible in the image above are Google blog results and a section from Yahoo Answers.

Another interesting feature is that LeapFish has “click-free” search, where the search results are displayed on the fly as you type in your search query. Unlike most search engines, you do not need to actually hit the Search button or hit the Enter key. The speed in which LeapFish displays the results is also incredible.  

So, when you have a chance, check out LeapFish for a great alternative to ordinary search engines.

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