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December 16 2009

Tips to help you Create a Mobile Site


When creating a mobile site you need to keep in mind that there are multiple types of mobile phones being use and each will display the site differently. The best way to create your site is by customizing the site for devices whose web browser capabilities are considerably lower than newest phones such as the iphone, G3, among others.

To start creating a mobile site you will need to decide how many pages the site will consist of, and if these are to be any images. How much content are you going to include. Keep in mind that the information will be viewed on a small screen. All the content should be in small paragraphs and avoid placing to much information on the individual pages. If you plan on using pictures, which I would recommend that you avoid as much as possible, make sure that the images are small in size and will not take too much loading time. After all these important factors have been decided, you can start creating you mobile site.

When creating the template for your mobile site, make sure you use div tags instead of tables. This will allow more flexibility in the design and it will be easier to customize the site for different types of mobile phones. The best way to customize your mobile site is to have a script that will check the type of phone that is viewing the site. When doing this, you can customize individual style sheets that will use more or less images, styles, etc.

When your template is created, you should consider adding a page with dynamic content such as twits from Twitter or posts from a blog. This will give your mobile site a better SEO standing.
Mobile devices will continue to grow and improve their web browser capabilities and because of this, it is important to have a flexible design which can be customize to fit various types of devices.

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November 2 2009

Google Mobile Search Made Easy


Google has created a simple way to help users with their search needs. It has created search options for mobile devices, which enhance the search experience on a mobile phone and provide a nicer and quicker search for specific information.

Google Mobile SearchAs you can see on the image, there is an “options” tab on the right hand side of the Google site, which gives different choices for filtering results. Either by selecting the type of websites you would like to check, the date the information on the sites have been posted or whether you are looking for images, text or standard results.

The implementation of the options tab changes depending on the area of the search you are performing; if you are looking for information in the “web” as you can see on the picture you are provided with these general options described above. If you search within “shopping” the options available are sorting the information based on price and product ranking.

When you are using your phone to perform a search, remember the different options available to you by the options tab, it can be a real time saver.

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