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Mobile changes everything – your website design, and the search engine page results that will lead a user to your site. Make sure your customers can find your brand via mobile search by learning mobile SEO best practices, as well as tips for making your mobile content user-friendly and conversion-focused.

May 20 2010

Mobile Marketing Tactics


There is no doubt that mobile phones, particularly smartphones, are becoming more popular. According to IDC, sales of smartphones grew 56.7 percent in the first quarter of this year, far exceeding the growth of the overall mobile market, which grew by 21.7 percent.

As the mobile market continues to grow, marketers are presented with greater opportunities to reach customers.   When considering mobile marketing opportunities for your business, there are few things to take into consideration.

First, think about what the goals of your mobile marketing initiatives will be.   Will someone using a mobile device be interested in what you have to offer, and more importantly, will they be able to complete the desired action?   For instance, if you are a locksmith or are selling ring tones, there could certainly be opportunities for you to have a mobile presence.   However, if you offer something that has an in depth conversion process, such as a form with multiple steps, mobile may be a bit more difficult to justify.

If you have decided that a mobile strategy is appropriate for your business, be sure to set your mobile campaigns separately from your other campaigns. This way you can have targeting flexibility and can tailor the message, and possibly the landing page, specifically to mobile users.     You can even select which types of mobile carriers and/or devices where you want your ads to appear.   For instance, a marketer selling only iPhone accessories my not wish to have their ads appear on Blackberry devices.   Keep in mind that the iPad, while not a phone, can be targeted separately as a mobile device.

You will also want to think about how users will find your ads.   Long tail queries are not as common on mobile devices.   A mobile user is less likely to type out a long search term on their mobile device as they would on a desktop or laptop. Many of us who are smartphone owners know how typing on a tiny or virtual keyboard is still difficult.

Where will you drive traffic to?   Will it be to your website?   How does your website look on a mobile device?   If you plan on driving mobile traffic to your website, it is highly recommended to have a mobile version.   While smartphones can render full websites (with the exception of flash-based sites), mobile websites are much easier to navigate. Check out our website,, from an iPhone or Blackberry and you will see an example of how much simpler it is to get around.

Lastly, bid aggressively to make sure that your visibility is prominent on mobile devices. There is limited space so you will want to beat the competition to get those valuable spots.   This can lead to more visibility for branding purposes and more clicks to lead to conversions.

May 10 2010

Evolution of Mobile Search – Siri


The increasing use of mobile browsing has spurred the creation of applications and improvements for browsers that allow users to have a friendly and more customized search experience. There is one application that has taken a lot of notice this year and whose company has been recently bought by Apple. This Application is called Siri.

Siri allows you to have a “personal assistant” with you at all times. It learns from your requests and questions and provides real time services to fulfill requests. Siri performs searches to accomplish the tasks at hand and this is why it can be considered a very important part of SEO for the future. Even though it became available at the beginning of this year, it has shown great potential and was even named the most innovative company at BizSpark conference provided by Microsoft.

All that is required to set up this assistant is an email address and a password. You can customize the settings and get a friendly reply informing you of any changes made. Siri can also manage your Twitter account and as the application grows many other accounts might be available to add in the future.

Siri provides two main ways to communicate with it, by typing your request or simply by saying your request. It also gives you the option to save addresses and credit card information to be a more efficient assistant. Location based search allows this assistant to book restaurants, call a cab, find events and many other things available in your area, which can come in really handy.

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March 15 2010

Create a Marketing Campaign Using TextMarks


The improvement of mobile devices has opened many doors to multiple applications that can help create or maintain a marketing strategy. There are numerous applications that can keep updating and sending information to a great amount of people by the press of a button. Some of the applications that can be used for a marketing campaign are TextMarks, Facebook, Twitter.

TextMarks is an application that lets you create marketing campaigns by sending mass test messages or receiving text messages from subscribers. The user sends a text message with a custom word to 41411. The application also allows you to update Facebook and Twitter, making the marketing campaign easier to handle and promote. TextMarks has different plans available starting with a free plan that sends the messages with ads in the footer of the message. Other plans range from $9.95 to over $900. The plan depends on the amount of SMS sent and if ads are being included or not.

This type of service can be very useful if sensitive information is being sent to a specific group of people. These types of messages can include updating an event’s time, location or other important information. The great thing about this service is that it gives you the option to update multiple social media accounts saving time in campaign management and providing a wider audience with the information being targeted.

From the point of view of SEO, we see that text messages will be considered in the future in Google and Bing Search results, thanks to the link provided to update social media accounts through TextMarks.

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