MoreVisibility… 22 Years Later and Last Week’s Saturday Night Live Summed It Up Perfectly

Andrew Wetzler - October 13, 2021

If you happened to watch Saturday Night Live this past week, the opening skit was a parody of the Facebook whistleblower hearing in Congress. The gist of the skit was that esteemed senators were much more interested in asking Frances Haugen about how Facebook’s algorithm affected their personal profiles than anything related to the issues that she was intending to discuss.

Why is this relevant as I reflect on MoreVisibility’s 22nd anniversary?

It’s germane because the pace of change that existed in the earliest days of the internet is still a huge force today, albeit in a more mature, yet ever-changing way. As a result there remains considerable confusion from many marketers (not to mention senators) about how the different channels (Google, Facebook, etc.) operate.

Going back 22 years, the notion that a “Search Engine Marketing” company could exist (and thrive) was fueled by the overwhelming curiosity marketers expressed at the time about how search engines worked and how companies could show up impressively on the results page with their rudimentary websites. This was a foundational element of the explosive growth that the internet has achieved.

While today’s advancements are usually more subtle than in the early days, there continue to be significant disruptions (to the status quo) as well, like Google’s (required) transition from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4.

Unless you’re in the weeds today, there’s no way to grasp how different each marketing tactic and channel is, from just 6 or 12 months ago; and how unique the skillsets are to effectively manage these channels and tactics.

A corollary to this is the astonishing scarcity of individuals who truly understand what’s going on with the real-time ins-and-outs successfully utilizing SEO, Paid Advertising, Google Analytics, the social channels, etc. Each of these aspects of the industry remains challenging to attain and maintain proficiency.

This combination of factors made companies like MoreVisibility relevant early on, and we are fortunate to continue our growth while helping lead our amazing clients through today’s digital landscape.

Link to Saturday Night Live opening skit.

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