New Search Engine – Goby

Carolina Usbeck - October 13, 2009

Goby is a search engine, implemented to help its users plan their free time activities. As explained in the main goal of its site, “Solve frustrations involved in planning your everyday adventures and free-time activities.” (Goby). This search engine will attract a lot of users interested in traveling, or planning an activity. The three main questions that this search engine targets are “What do you want to do?”, “Where?” and “When”. These questions provide a great direction by narrowing down specifics of what the user would like to do.

The results of the search, provides a map area, using the Google maps feature and also provides a search by relevance, distance and name to allow a better end result. Another amazing feature provided is a breadcrumb trail of all the information being searched, allowing better browsing and giving the user the ability to explore.

In the past few years, web applications have been connected with each other improving the users’ experience. In the case of Goby this search engine provides the option of connecting with Facebook, by being able to include information in a wall and News feeds. Allowing meeting place locations, trip plans or any other information to be easily accessed and shared among users.

Even though Goby is still in Beta, features such as pay by click and a similar feature to Google Ad words or Big add words have been implemented.


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