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July 24 2008

Geo-targeted Link Building for Local Search Optimization


Making sure that your site is optimized for your geographical location and the locations where your business operates is just one aspect of optimizing for local search results. Another good way to build local relevance for your site is by encouraging links from other trusted and relevant websites operated by businesses and organizations in your area. This establishes keyword relevance for your site, for the name of your region and, if these sites are hosted in your area as well, establishes that your website is well-linked physically to that region.

One good way to find sites that could give your site some local relevance is to search for “your location” and “business” in Google, Yahoo and MSN as well as any other popular search engines and see what comes up. A search for “Boca Raton business” found these listings:

boca business
Any one of these sites would be a great link to have for a Boca Raton Business. Once you have located some potential sources of valuable links, go to the site and see if there is any place on the site that might offer an opportunity to get a link.

Another good search term to use for geo-targeted link building would be “Your Area Directory” — in the case of Boca Raton — “Boca Raton Directory”. If there are any local business directories, it would be a good idea for my Boca Raton business to be listed. Just make sure that any directory pages that come up are truly local as some larger directories may have a section devoted to your area. By choosing carefully, good sources for local links can be found.

Of course, not all links are necessarily going to be valuable for increasing search engine rankings. Some top ranking local business sites will provide links to local businesses, but the links may not be direct or they may have a rel=”nofollow” attribute on them advising search engines not to count them, as in the case of the Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce site. When evaluating if a site is a good source for a link, consider the potential for traffic before considering search engines. If the site has a good potential for providing your site with direct traffic, then getting your site listed is a good idea — even if search engines do not value the site. If they do count, then it’s all the better.

July 14 2008

Catching the Local Search Wave


As Mike Buczek pointed out in a recent post, the need for websites to be mobile ready is increasingly important. The advent of new mobile phone technology making the mobile web more accessible has big implications for how websites are targeted to position in natural search results. Users of the mobile web are increasing daily and besides using different technology, they are also likely to have different search behavior than those on the regular web. Someone surfing the web from their phone is likely looking not just for a website but a location and this means that the rise of number of users on the mobile web makes good rankings in local search results even more important. Having a local search marketing strategy now could make sure that your site is not left behind. So, what can you do? Well, start by making sure your site is listed in local search listings. Here are four top ways to help boost your local search rankings:

  1. Make sure you are listed.
  • Look for your listing in the local search sections of Google, Yahoo, MSN and any other top search engines. If it’s not there, submit it.
  • Make sure the address and phone number on your site is complete and matches what the local directories like and any other sites like or are listing.
  1. Match your listing to your site.
  • Make sure there is a link to your website in your listings. You don’t need a website to appear in local search but internet visitors will be more likely to visit your site and then visit you if they have easy access to your link.
  • Put your full address and phone number on your website in a prominent position — either on the homepage or at the very least, on your contact us page.
  1. List your site on local search engines like:
  1. Encourage your happy customers to give you a good review. This may or may not get you a better ranking but visitors who see a good review are more likely to click on the link and visit your business.
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May 14 2008

How SEO Can Influence Last Minute Shoppers


While thinking about what to write, I realized that I had an experience this weekend that is a perfect testimony of why having a presence within the major search engines is so important.

I was racking my brain trying to figure out what I was going to get my mom for Mother’s Day (yes, a little last minute) and the first thing that I did was hop onto Google and search for “Mothers Day Gifts, Raleigh, NC”. Within about 5 minutes I had purchased a gift card from a spa just down the road from my mom’s house and ordered a bouquet of flowers to be delivered to her the very next day. After my sigh of relief that it was taken care of and I could go about enjoying the rest of my weekend, I sat back and realized just how important Search Engine Optimization (SEO) really is. If it wasn’t for that particular spa and florist taking the time to effectively optimize their sites using the keywords that I had searched for (including local keywords), I wouldn’t have stumbled across their site and would have been forced to find another gift. But because both of these links appeared within Google’s organic search results, I found them easily. In addition, my entire shopping experience (a total of about 5 minutes) was quite painless. The ease of making purchases through these websites was almost effortless and very user-friendly.

Having just moved to Florida, I truly appreciated the ability to find something so easily near my hometown. So keep in mind when optimizing your site that you can take advantage of last minute shoppers. I also highly recommend including local keywords as these can help searchers from out of state, like myself, find your products or services.

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