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September 20 2010

Twitter Update


In recent weeks, Twitter has announced that it will be updating its look and feel.   Many of us who use Twitter on a daily basis are excited for these new changes.   For those of you who haven’t heard that Twitter is updating, here is a run down of some of the items that it will be changing:

Pictures and Movies in the interface — In the past when someone Tweeted a picture or video by way of Twitpic or Twitvid, one would click the link in the Tweet, and it would take them off page and open a new tab or browser to view the photo or video.   With this update, these photos and videos can now be featured in the right rail of the interface by clicking in the tweet area, but not on the Tweet.   If you click on the link that is contained within the Tweet, you will still be taken offsite.

Twitter Profile Information — Currently, if you were to click on a username (@morevisibility) in your twitter stream, you will be taken to their Twitter profile page where you can see additional information and their most current Tweets.   With this new update, a click on the username will display a mini profile in the right rail.   From here you can then go a step further to read more about them or see related content.

Endless Stream — When using Twitter presently, you must scroll to the bottom of the screen and then click a button to view more past tweets.   With Twitters’ new rollout, you will not need to click buttons to receive older content.   As you scroll, content will update automatically and you will be able to see all the past information.

Overall, I think these changes will be great for Twitter, as it will keep users viewing one page more often and it will be easier to see related content as you browse through all of your Tweets.   Twitter has stated that this rollout will be happening over the next few weeks.   As you see this rollout happening, let us know what you think!

August 26 2010

Effective SEO Is Not a Haphazard Circumstance


If gaining or maintaining a strong Natural Search presence for your website is in part your responsibility, then it’s essential to understand the additional elements that drive SEO results today.

The best way I can think of to describe the evolution of SEO is that the playing field has gone from singularly to multi-dimensional. The basics of intelligent site architecture and navigation still matter, as do keywords, content, meta data and alt tags, but there are so many other factors.

Google’s clear-cut direction for their search engine results pages is all-inclusive. Content is encouraged, be it blog posts, images, video, tweets, etc. The more relevant and frequent the content that a website contributes, the greater the likelihood that Google & Bing (Yahoo) will rank your site favorably.

That said, quality content is not self generating, which is the gotcha. It requires a roadmap and accountability for execution. Take your eye off the ball and you’ll go weeks or months without any meaningful addition to the breadth of your website.   Identify and prioritize the content you are intending to develop, assign responsibility for creating it to multiple team members and hold them accountable to due dates.

Lastly, another new aspect that needs to be taken seriously is the fact that Google is now evaluating your page “load time” as a component of their algorithm. So it’s imperative that the page be constructed in a proper way.   Otherwise, the content I am encouraging you to incorporate may hold you back more than it helps you.

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July 15 2010

Managing Online Listings and Accounts


Managing online accounts, social media logins and other profiles is not something new.   In fact, our Executive Vice President of Client Strategy, Danielle Leitch wrote a piece in a previous newsletter aiming to alert companies as to how important it is to manage their online accounts.

While the article mostly discussed social media passwords, it is important to have a plan to manage all of your business accounts.   Some of the common mistakes we see are that companies task their employees with setting up and managing multiple online profiles for their business.   If no plan is in place, the employee may simply use their company email address.   In most situations this is ok, but if the employee leaves, it can be a headache for the next person responsible for these accounts.   The email may be easy to figure out, but the password could prove to be more difficult to find.  

To make it easier for online profile management, it is important for a company to set up email addresses that are not necessarily tied to any one employee.   It is also important that there be a way to keep track of these various email addresses and passwords, so that it is easy for other people to get access.   A spreadsheet or a CRM software package can be used to track various usernames, emails and passwords.

You may even wish to create email usernames based on the types of account that it is associated with.   Examples:

  • — Use for Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
  • — Use for press release syndication services and other public relations type services.
  • — Use this for any type of local search sites that you manage such as Google Places or yelp.

It is also important to instruct employees not to use personal addresses when creating various accounts.   This can be even more troublesome if that employee leaves, or someone else needs to take over their duties. In some cases it is also very difficult to get the email changed if you wish to consolidate listings.   When a personal email is used, it also opens up that employee to sharing personal information.

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