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March 21 2007

Linking Can Be Scary!


Linking and link building can be scary stuff. Constantly, I hear people talk about being penalized for aggressive linking or getting into trouble by using link farms and link exchange programs that are just bad news. The question here is “How do I know if a link is one that will improve my rankings, or one that will end up causing irreparable damage?” In an effort to bring some clarity to a frustrating situation, I have listed below some things to look for when considering a link.

The thing to consider above all else is relevancy. In other words, is the site that I want to link to me somehow related to the content on the page? If not, forget it. Links from pages that are not related to your content in some way, are not going to be counted. Other things to consider include:

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March 20 2007

Implementing Redirects with IIS and Server-Side Scripting


In this last post about SEO friendly redirects I will be covering IIS, ASP, and PHP redirects. In the first post I explained the differences between a 301 and 302 redirect and also gave some examples of when you would use them. The second post discussed actually implementing those redirects with the Apache web server. Please read my previous posts if you don’t understand what an SEO friendly redirect is.

Today I will talk about implementing 301 redirects on IIS. I will briefly discuss
server-side scripting and how it can be used to perform redirects as well.Read More

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March 19 2007

Understanding Linking Trends


Until recently, the Google webmaster tools allowed you to see a list of common words used within the anchor text that linked to your web page. This was a great way to see in a general sense, how your web page is portrayed on multiple web sites.

Google has made some great changes to this tool, which now allows you to view information on the complete phrase of the anchor text. This is a great way to see the trends on how others view the webpage. Since the search engines place high importance on the anchor text, it would be crucial to understand how other pages are linking to you.

Vanessa Fox, at the Official Google webmaster central blog is reporting that this tool will now showcase up to 100 results. For more information on the recent addition to this tool visit the Official Google blog.

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