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March 13 2007

Google Sitemap Misconceptions


Many of the clients I talk with have an understanding that a Google sitemap is a way to positively impact your natural rankings. This of course is not true, the Google sitemap merely allows you to tell Google that you have the following web pages within your domain and that you would like them to be crawled. You have the ability to set how frequently the page is updated: Daily, weekly, or monthly. The last option you have within the Google sitemap is the option to set the priority of the page.

This is the webmasters way of telling Google which pages are more important than others. For example the home page would be more important than page to showcase links so it would receive a higher priority. Google will then access the Google sitemap you have uploaded and see the listings of pages and information you have provided. This will result in Google being able to find and index those pages faster and get a basic understanding of the structure of the website. This is not to say that Google wouldn’t find the pages of the website on there own, but it facilitates Google finding them faster.

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March 9 2007

Search Engines Do Not Index Web Sites


How many times have you gone to your favorite search engine, typed in your keywords and been shown an entire web site as a result? The odds are, never. More and more often I find myself explaining how it’s not your whole site that is indexed, but it’s a bunch of individual pages on your website that are being indexed. This may seem like an insignificant difference or just a wording issue, but I assure you the distinction is an important one to understand and I promise I am not just splitting hairs.

I would think that most people agree that the general function of SEO is “to help web sites rank higher in the search engines”. I submit a more accurate statement would be “to help the pages of a site rank higher in the search engines”. The pages of a web site are indexed and ranked individually, based primarily on their own merits. There are very few factors in the search algorithms that when changed effect a web site on a global scale.

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March 8 2007

URL Mapping: Who knows how and when?


URL Mapping is a good way to get lost — especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. And, it’s important because doing it wrong can have dire consequences for your site. This is definitely a job for the professionals. So, who’re you gonna call?

Before you pick up the phone, you need a few facts. First, it depends on how you’re going to do it and that depends on your web server. Lost yet? Consult this handy guide:

Apache server: Mod Re-write.
Microsoft IIS: either an ISAPI Rewrite or the URL Mapping option of ASP.NET.

If all this sounds like Geek to you, call a web developer and do it right.

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