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March 15 2007

Are you an Alexaholic?


Do you check your Alexa traffic rank every month? Every week? Every day?!

If so, don’t panic! You’re not alone. You’re an Alexaholic.

Alexaholics like to check their traffic rank a lot — they even have their own website! supports the Alexaholic philosophy with tools like a little “chartlet” for your site that displays your Alexa rank and an interface for easy traffic comparisons.

For all you non-Alexaholics out there, a word of explanation is in order. The Alexa Traffic Rank compares over 5,000,000 websites worldwide by how many visitors come to their sites each day and how they behave when they get there. By calculating the percentage of the total number of users who visit (they call this Reach) and the total number of pages that they view (called Page Views), Alexa comes up with a daily page rank. You can even compare your website with your competitors. This is a graph comparing the percentage of users who visited and in the last year.

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March 14 2007

Frequently asked questions about links and link building:


Recently we have putting a lot of energy into our “Link-Building” program. While working on this program, several questions have come up. Below is my attempt to answer them as thoroughly as possible. I invite everyone to add more questions or comments where you can.

1. What is linking and why it is so important to my search engine rankings?

When someone links to your site, they are essentially telling people “Hey, I like this site, it’s related to what we talk about on our site and you should check it out”. In other words when someone links to your site they are voting for it. Some votes are counted more than others (hey no one said this was a democracy).

2. Why would one link to your site count more than another?

When it comes to SEO ranking, it’s all about relevancy. In other words, is the site that is linking to you a trusted source for information in your particular field? For example, if you have a site about financial investment, a link to your site from is going to be given more weight than say,, because it is a trusted source for financial information.

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March 13 2007

Implementing 301 and 302 Redirects on Apache


In my last post titled “When and why to use 301 or 302 redirects”, I talked about why you might use these redirects and briefly explained the differences between the two. It would be a good idea to read the last post if you don’t know what a 301 or 302 redirect are because today I’m going to discuss ways to implement them.

So, you have decided that your site has a need for a SEO friendly redirect. The good news is that they are not too hard to setup on most server configurations, If you are using Apache or IIS, the tools you need are already installed and ready to go.
Since I’m a pretty big Linux fan I tend to focus on Apache, but we can’t ignore the popularity and power of IIS, so I will go over that configuration on my next post. Today though we will focus on Apache.

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