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March 14 2018

Google Confirms Core Algorithm Update to Search Engine


If you noticed a shift in your organic search rankings on Google over the past week, you are not alone. Many websites reported changes in their organic rankings, some good and some negative. Google has confirmed the reason for these changes; a core algorithm update to Google’s search engine.

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March 8 2018

Boost Revenue with a 360 Agency Approach


At MoreVisibility, we provide a full-service approach to your digital efforts to allow for a synergistic approach to all facets of your digital marketing strategy. Over the years we’ve found that the clients with a comprehensive program, spanning multiple services, achieve the most success.

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March 5 2018

Update to Google Site Search


Google has announced they will discontinue its ad-free version of Google Site Search by April 2018. Many websites currently utilize the Google Site Search functionality to allow users to search their content:

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