Quick and easy ways to SEO your G+ page

Tony Villanova - June 22, 2012

Although G+ is still quite new especially for   businesses, many companies are creating these pages and just letting them sit with a couple of pictures on them. Here are a few quick and easy tips to start giving your G+ page some recognition.

  • Make sure that you have a tagline. The tagline is what people see when your G+ page comes up in a search or when they hover their cursor over your page icon. This can be changed at anytime, so while using descriptive words is best, you don’t have to focus too much time on it. You also want to make sure that your words stay under 21 characters or else it will get truncated.
  • You want to sell your company in 56 characters or less in the “About” portion of your G+ page. When you first click on the About tab, you have a little section called “Introduction”. When your page is displayed in the “People and Pages” section, Google pulls a part of your “About” section which is the first 56 characters. Maximize this opportunity with keywords that identify who your company is.
  • You always want to create original content, but there are ways that you can use the content that you are posting frequently to your advantage. Not only does this frequent, original, quality content help your company website as well as your G+ page, but by the use of #hash tags within that content for keywords that relate to your company it will allow your page to come up in the search results more often; this will also increase the chance of your company coming up in trending conversations like #MoreVisibility.
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