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Rich Snippets & Part II

Melanie Wahl - November 23, 2011

Our previous blog post, Rich Snippets & Part I, compared snippets to Rich Snippets and touched on the foundation of   Not only can implementing the suggestions of increase your click through rate on the search engine results for your website pages, but a visitor delivered to your webpage from a Rich Snippet is more informed about the content on your page and has just made a decision to visit your content.   This is the perfect opportunity to test your conversion rates and start (or ramp up) on-site testing.      

By updating your website’s code to allow for Rich Snippets, you are able to partially control what can be shown in the major search engines in regard to results that include pages on your website.  

The previous post showed an example for a recipe site:

Rich Snippets & Part II

The above All Reciples Rich Snippet shows a star rating, review count, time to cook, and calorie count to searchers looking for a pumpkin pie recipe.  

This is only one way in which Rich Snippets could be optimized, another is the Event Schema.   The following example shows a Rich Snippet including Katy Perry show dates and locations available through Ticketmaster for a search of “Katy Perry Ticketmaster”:

Rich Snippets & Part II

A searcher is thankful they don’t have to click through the Ticketmaster website or do an additional on-site search, assuming they are looking to click through directly to one of the upcoming displayed shows.

IMDB has updating their code so that their Rich Snippets feature a rating of each movie.   The below Rich Snippet is for The Muppets 2011 movie (also being released over Thanksgiving, I assume the reviews are from pre-showings).

Rich Snippets & Part II

And interestingly, both the Android Marketplace and Apple’s App Store have updated their code so that their Rich Snippets display the votes for each app as well as a price.

Rich Snippets & Part II

Depending on your business, the above examples may seem more or less relevant; however, is gaining momentum as more webmasters become familiar with the available types and more searchers enjoy the extra information in their searches. provides commonly used formatting types for Restaurants, Local Businesses, Products, Reviews, Organizations, Events, Creative Works, Recipes, and many more.   As Search Engine Optimization professionals, we recognize the opportunity available to businesses today with the open communication created through   The search engines have given businesses a way to tell them what information could be added to search engine results pages to make them better for everyone.   The search engine, the searchers, and your business all benefit from the openness and availability of this information.

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