Seasonal Landing Pages

Jessica Hammer - May 6, 2008

Landing Pages are an excellent way of driving your traffic to a particular page, and funneling your visitors to a specific goal. We design landing pages for clients and recommend them for specific campaigns and promotions. That being said, they can be time-consuming to design and code. So how can you get the greatest use out of them?

Aside from having a well-designed page and a well-targeted campaign with a clear call to action, Seasonal Pages can get you a lot of bang for your buck. The variety of seasons and possible promotions are endless, and can be quite lucrative, depending on your product. Major religious holidays, back to school, Valentines, St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s and Father’s Day are all great opportunities to give your campaign a boost. A versatile landing page can do that!

Before you begin to design the page, think about the elements that will remain stagnant throughout the seasons, and those that will have to change. The general look and feel should stay consistent, but think about a graphic or text area whose color can be changed to reflect seasonal colors. Perhaps allow for an area of the header to include a seasonal icon, so that when the time comes, you will just have to update that image. Buttons and icons within the text can also be easily switched out to match.

These graphic changes, in addition to updated, seasonal text, are a quick and easy way to get a fresh landing page in a fraction of the time. But as always, the initial design has to be smart and flexible!

Happy Mother’s Day Readers!

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