SEO Priorities & Tips for AI in Organic Search

Chuck Forbes - January 22, 2024

It is likely that your list of SEO priorities have grown, especially over the past 24 months as search engines have introduced new ranking factors along with the increasing use of artificial intelligence. Here is a quick graphic of SEO priorities that your marketing team needs to address to be competitive in 2024:

And I’m sure if you met with one of our SEO specialists, they could add a few more to the list – but the point is, there is more to oversee than ever before if you want your website to be shown high in search results. Combine your lengthy SEO checklist with the rise of AI in search, and the strategy to “win” could look very different.

Here are three tips to remember about AI within search engine results:

  1. AI is changing the way search engines function to be a lot more like “answer engines.” As the competition grows, the amount of real estate in a search engine results page cannot keep up – therefor, websites that answer the users question accurately and quickly with organic content could be in a much better position.
  2. As a result of the first tip, it is going to be very important that your images, reviews, product listings and other elements like your Google Business Profile, are fully optimized. All of these results provide quick answers to user queries.
  3. Your website can use AI for images, videos, content and other elements. The only time this could be a negative to your organic presence would be the same way your non-AI content could be a negative – duplicate, stale content that doesn’t answer user questions. Do not look at AI as a “shortcut” but as a creative machine that must stick by the same guidelines as any other content produced.

If you are a large brand with many locations, another priority for organic rankings is going to be how you build local content into your website. We see examples of this if we search for something with the phrase “near me” and local information appears for that brand or company. However, users know that search engines can use location based settings from their devices and have started to decrease the amount of searches with “near me” included. Therefor, if your content is not location-based, you could be missing out on very precious user impressions from people close by.

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