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Sure, you can see your website content, but can the search engines? Learn about the complexities of technical SEO and the many hindrances some websites face when it comes to being “found.” This includes unfriendly code and site architectures. Learn what you can do to change your website’s Organic visibility by making the technical changes necessary to improve your visibility.

June 4 2015

8 SEO Issues We Consider When Evaluating a CMS


Choosing a CMS is a careful balance between what you need in terms of functionality, what’s functional with your existing technology and platforms, what’s best for your users, and of course, SEO considerations. When evaluating content management systems for clients, there are more than 70 aspects we take into consideration. Some of those considerations have to do with SEO, but there are many that do not. It is important to consider your goals and what you are hoping to gain by choosing a new CMS:Read More

September 17 2014

SSL & SEO: What You Need to Know


There has been a lot of talk lately about Google’s decision to make site security a ranking factor for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But whether or not you switch from an unsecure site (HTTP) to a secure site (HTTPS) currently has very little to do with SEO. There are bigger questions to consider, including the size of your website, what your website is used for and what kind of resources you have to implement and manage a secure site.

Let’s look at some basics:

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February 27 2014

The Top 5 SEO Questions Clients Ask All the Time


On client calls and in meetings, many of the same SEO questions routinely arise. You want to know how to handle redirects, how your mobile site affects your desktop site, and that perennial SEO favorite, how many keywords to use on a page. So, in order to provide you with a go-to resource, we’ve pulled these questions into a single post. Read More

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