The Art of Show, Not Tell

Syreeta Lockett - December 16, 2016

Instead of telling, why not show? Marketers have relied heavily on PowerPoint to compile digital presentations to prospective clients and relay ideas to internal management and acquire new clients. Although PowerPoint is a very useful tool, there are many times when giving the client or executive a tangible example can go further.

Not everyone has vision. Some people are not able to visualize an idea until it is in its completed form. In well-planned situations, Marketing Managers and Creative Directors may consider building example landing pages with interactive graphics and motion graphics to illustrate a specific vision on a level that surpasses the ‘idea’ phase. Imagine presenting to the C-suite or a prospective client with an executed idea, not simply your imagination.

MoreVisibility typically uses landing page creation to successfully support paid search efforts, but the landing page has evolved from a static one with information and a form, to an interactive experience. The message that’s being relayed is no longer limited to text and video. Engulfing a user into an experience means utilizing interesting charts and graphs, animations, and custom graphics in addition to video and text.

A single page can become a valuable resource when properly executed. It allows you to speak directly to a specific audience. For example, if your client base is segmented by age, you can create a specific landing page experience specific to millennials which would be drastically different than that for a baby boomer. If you’re presenting to a client, a landing page places your audience in an experience and instead of having to chop up an idea into multiple slides, you can scroll down to multiple elements you want to discuss.

Get creative with your approach. You can create a new normal, and MoreVisibility can help you execute your vision. Allow our Content Strategists to help you pinpoint your ideas and our development team to execute.

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