The Benefits of an Optimized Design Strategy, Before Web Development

Syreeta Lockett - November 30, 2016

Many companies have the idea that they need a new website, but don’t employ the proper tools and process before going on the journey to create it.

At MoreVisibility, the process and strategy that occurs before a new web design project is called an Optimized Design Phase 1 Strategy. This strategy brings together all aspects of an optimized website design – SEO, Development, Analytics, and Content. The teams come together to review all aspects of your current website as well as your future goals. The experts collectively discuss ways to work towards your future goals, while keeping in mind the current SEO benefits, the user journey as outlined in Analytics, and employing new design and content strategies.

Websites are more than appealing aesthetic. The tools that are provided to us, such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics, survey the landscape of your current website and user engagement to assist in creating a data-driven plan for your next step. Compounding data with a new design accelerate opportunities for your website to increase conversions and satisfy the user’s journey.

MoreVisibility helps you to dive into your data before creating a new website. Therefore, you’re building on your current success, not simply giving your audience a pretty picture. Don’t bypass this phase. The collective knowledge of each aspect of your website can develop more than a fresh site and build on the foundation of data.

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