The Fundamental Components That Contribute to a Strong SEO Strategy

Monica Pissanos - April 24, 2019

In an increasingly online world, marketers are pressed to make sure their brand stands out in Organic search. However, every SEO strategy contains many moving components that need to work together properly in order to be successful. Before you can fine-tune your SEO strategy, it’s vital to ensure the fundamental elements are in place and running properly. Here are 3 fundamental components that can help your brand’s SEO strategy succeed.

1. Crawlability / Technical SEO

At the top of the list for a successful SEO strategy is crawlability and technical SEO. Because of its fundamental nature, crawlability should be the first thing on every marketer’s SEO task list. No matter how relevant your content may be, if a search engine cannot find your website, it will not be served to users.

Some technical components to take into account are a valid robots.txt file, proper website redirects (if applicable), site speed, and indexing (sitemap).

2. Content Optimization

Once the technical portion of your SEO program is in place and optimized, the next component to look at is content optimization. By optimizing content that is already on your website, you’re able to leverage existing assets and better tailor content to tie into your keyword strategy.

It is important to assess the amount of relevant content on your website relative to the keywords you are targeting. In addition, make sure to include title tags, meta descriptions, and H1s in your assessment. All of your existing content should be useful to your target audience, because once a user lands on your website, the goal is for them to convert!

3. Link Building and Content Creation

Finally, an ongoing task for SEO success is link building and content creation. Link building does require time and research, so it is always a good starting point to visit Google’s Support Center for guidelines, tips, and best practices. Be sure to target high-quality sites with good traffic for best results.

Also, creating fresh, relevant content at appropriate frequencies (based on your business type/ goals) helps solidify all of the work that has already been done to help your website rank. Confirm that any content that is being created still aligns with keyword strategy and speaks to your target audience.

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