The Power A Blog Brings To SEO

Michael Sherman - January 5, 2010

Google and the other search engines love blogs. Blogs give the engines lots of fresh content which get indexed much faster than webpages. But the trick is you need to keep your blog postings keyword rich and written on a consistent basis.

When you post a blog entry it is extremely important to choose a keyword that your want your blog post to get ranked for and then include that keyword in your title. Also, try to use that keyword in the first sentence of the posts and within the first 25 words. The closer to the start of the posting the better. Use the keyword in the blog post a number of times, but don’t exceed more than a 4% keyword density. Definitely don’t keyword stuff and only use it in a natural manner.

Use your keyword as anchor text for a link 3 to 4 times within the blog post and make sure you bold the link. Use the keyword in the URL of that post.   For example, You can easily do this in many blogging software applications such as WordPress and Blogger.

Note, when using Blogger, you cannot change your URL once you have published the post.   Blogger chooses the first few sentences from the title of the post to include in the URL.   To confirm getting your keyword into your URL, publish your post with only the keyword in your title.   Afterwards you can always go back and change the title again, but make sure it still contains that keyword.

Remember, even though blog posts have great potential for search traffic, it doesn’t happen overnight.   Constant attention to creating quality posts is key.

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