Trending In Design

Syreeta Lockett - May 17, 2016

The latest trends in website design illustrate the importance of considering the user’s needs and behavior. A pretty site that was not designed with the customers in mind can lead to a decrease in conversions. Following are 3 recent trends in design that impact the overall user experience.

User Experience

The user experience is at the forefront of design. The focus is not to ‘wow’ the site visitor with an impressive design, but to make sure the design is functional. Functional designs are beneficial to businesses because, at their best, functional designs create conversion funnels that benefit both the user and the business. Before beginning design, there are two key goals to define. The first is from the perspective of the business – what is needed to convert the site’s visitors into customers? The next is from the perspective of the site’s visitor – what information is the site visitor looking for? Why are they coming to the site? Combining these two key goals assist web designers when creating a site the focuses on the user experience.


In design, less is more. The increase of white space helps bring attention to specific calls to action on the site. The white space controls the user’s attention. Minimalism also forces designers to think of the most important elements to the design itself. Where should users click? Where would their eyes flow on the page? Minimalism strips websites down to key components that help convert site visitors into customers.

Story Telling

Effectively combining text and design helps tell a full story. Design can be used to tell the brand’s story and increase engagement. Photography, custom images, typography, and infographics are great ways to display information and capture the attention of the user. Turn a bulleted list of facts into an eye-catching infographic. Be mindful of typography and the message it sends to the clients. Use photography to expand the imagination of a site visitor.

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