Utilizing Partnership and Project Management to Exceed Client Expectations

Syreeta Lockett - June 2, 2016

MoreVisibility has a team of project managers that work to effectively execute projects, while keeping each client’s unique needs in mind. Our approach to project management is unique – as we work to think through the client’s needs and adjust our processes to produce the best results.

Many organizations like processes and procedures and often say: “That’s how we do it here” or “This is our standard procedure.” However, MoreVisibility has a client-first approach. This means we often will change our normal processes and procedures to meet the needs of a client. For example, if a client needs a design in week 3 of a project but we typically provide it week 5, we will make it our responsibility to meet our client’s needs. Why? Because we position ourselves as a partner with your business. We are not one-off service providers. We utilize project management to effectively fulfill our client’s needs and exceed expectations.

Communication is Key

The success of any project requires effective communication. If there is a looming deadline, inform your Strategist or Project Manager. This would help our team effectively communicate your goals and objectives. It will also make clients aware of the situations where a ‘rush’ could negatively impact the overall projects so that pros and cons can be weighed.

As an interactive agency we can partner with your business, communicate your objectives, and learn from the wealth of knowledge provided by our Specialists. Our goal is to increase your company’s success by becoming an intricate part of your business.

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