Web Users Are Scrolling

Syreeta Lockett - November 25, 2016

There is an antiquated concept that people must put all of the most important information above the fold because users do not scroll on a website.

Although it is important to lead with your main call-to-action, a telephone number, and a clear site navigation, users are beginning to scroll down websites more and more. In conjunction with planning the content that will live above the fold, it’s equally important to place the majority of your most important information on the homepage.

Use your homepage as a window into the most important sections of your website. When planning a site redesign, think of the top 4-5 sections of your website and how you can display that content on your homepage. You may choose to have a content region, process graphic, or a compelling image with a call-to-action. There are more options than a simple sliding header to take a user deeper into your website.

Longer websites (referred to as ‘scroll websites’) are the new trend, as clients are seeing value in taking advantage of site users’ desire to scroll down a single page for content. With scroll websites, storytelling becomes an important component. Companies now have the ability to use the website’s vertical format, and probable grid pattern, to weave a narrative around the brand.

What story does your brand tell? How can you use that story to assist users in traveling through your conversion funnel? With each company, there is a different approach.

MoreVisibility’s Design and Content teams can help outline your brand’s story through a content strategy while, using the design to leverage the overall conversion funnel.

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