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MoreVisibility - December 21, 2006

Good natural search engine rankings are understandably the goal of almost all websites. With the competition so fierce in many markets for these rankings, the major search engines try to keep the playing field level by not divulging to much information about how they rank the sites. If the algorithms were public knowledge, many people would use this information to try and manipulate the rankings to their favor. The smaller or busier webmaster would not have a chance. The fallout of this for SEO is that industry information is fluid. We know the engines change their algorithms on a regular basis and almost everyday new information about site optimization is uncovered and old information is discounted.

Morevisibility’s Natural Search Blog is here to help keep our visitors up to date with these changes and informed about the industry as a whole. Website technology, design, content and marketing all play a major roll in how a site performs in natural search. These factors along with engine specific news or optimization factors, the tidal wave of Social Media Optimization, and general or theoretical topics will be covered.

Members of MoreVisibility’s Natural Search team will be the primary contributors to this SEO blog with occasional input from other folks at the company. Here’s a quick look at a few current authors writing for the blog:

John CarcuttMorevisibilitiy’s Director of Natural Search
This is me of course. I will be writing on pretty much all the topics and overseeing the blog itself. I am happy to answer any questions you may have on any of the topics covered.

Darrell LongLead Design Engineer
Darrell has been building web sites with a specific focus on search optimization for his entire career. His insight into navigation structure, usability and optimized page construction among other topics will be very interesting reading.

Tim KayserLead SEO Engineer
Tim’s focus is technology. His expertise covers IIS and Apache web servers and well as ASP, ASP.net, Cold Fusion, PHP. I am personally looking forward to reading his thoughts on e-commerce and dynamic content driven sites.

YouOur Readers
I think most of all I am looking forward to the feedback and conversations that will be born from the articles posted here. I encourage all of you to register with the site and participate. We will be happy to explain things further or answer questions which might be sparked by one of the articles.

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Once again, Welcome to the site and I cant wait to meet you all.

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