What Pages Should I Include in my Mobile Website?

Michael Buczek - March 5, 2010

It is important to understand that when you are creating a mobile version of your website, you only want to capture the essential data that mobile searchers are looking for.   When people are looking for your website on a mobile device, they are looking for quick information that they need in a hurry.   Include the following on your mobile website:

  • Abbreviated home page content
  • Simplified contact form
  • Phone number
  • Map and address
  • Main product or service information

Including only the important information will give users of all mobile devices a good user experience, regardless of the type of device.   Even smart phones have their limitations as to what types of content they can display properly.   It is especially important to have a good mobile website if your main site is comprised of Flash technology.   Currently no mobile device has the capability to display flash based websites.   A flash website appears to be broken when viewed on a mobile device, leaving the user with little options to get in contact with you, or view your services or products.

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