Why Content Rules Design

Syreeta Lockett - July 31, 2017

When anyone thinks of a website redesign, their initial thought is the design itself. From the colors to a modern layout, a website redesign is typically approached as a time to help your brand make an aesthetic leap forward.

More important than the design is the content. At MoreVisibility, our optimized website redesigns take a ‘Content-first’ approach to not only capture the user’s attention when they land on the site, but to provide the visitor exactly what they are looking for. Although the design will offer an initial positive impression, the content is what will keep users on the site, convert users, and have them return for more.

What is your overall content strategy?

With a well-developed content strategy, a web design project is approached from the perspective of your target audience and overall business goals. When you have someone visit your site, what are the initial actions that you want them to take? What resources can your site provide to have them revisit? And what are your specific conversion funnels?

Our optimized website redesign projects pair Designers with Content Strategists to create an experience for the users, not simply a design. Our Content Strategists also specialize in SEO for a well-rounded approach.

Web designs are more than pretty colors and responsive functionalities. When approached correctly, an optimized website redesign offers the opportunity to implement marketing, sales and public relation strategies that position your site as a resource for your target audience.

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