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Melanie Wahl - March 9, 2012

Pinterest, a virtual pinboard for collecting images and links to content in various categories from food to fashion, has gained a staggering amount of popularity in the past six months.   Many businesses are noticing the name Pinterest showing up on their referral reports and for some ecommerce sites, Pinterest is referring converting traffic.   This blog post covers a few basics about Pinterest and how you can check what your brand’s current presence is on the channel before you decide on your next steps.

One quick way to see what may come up for your brand in relation to Pinterest is to enter the following into a search engine, such as Google: brand

The following example focuses on Vera Bradley, a large ecommerce site that offers fashionable quilted items such as purses or travel bags.   Upon typing the query into Google, the search results deliver quite a bit of knowledge.   The first entry ( is perhaps the most important.   This entry, once clicked, will display all of the pins currently on Pinterest, which were sourced from,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=9e4eefe6b4a13bd8&biw=1280&bih=933&pf=p&pdl=3000

Upon clicking the first link in the organic search results above (, you see what is popular from on Pinterest in real time.   By monitoring the pins sourced from your website, you can determine what items are popular and being shared, commented on, or liked right now.   In Vera Bradley’s case, the popular patterns and styles can be seen below.

Upon clicking the second link in the search results, you see an individual user account, in this case the account beaucat who seems to love a particular pattern:

Upon clicking on any of the pins in a board, the following detailed view is available:

Pinterest is a fascinating community of individuals pinning and sharing products, photos, and other images that they have found online and on other’s pinboards.   By checking your company and brand presence on the channel, you can better gauge where you stand now and what your strategy might be for this channel in the future.   If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact MoreVisibility or request a Social Media Strategy consultation.

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