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February 28 2024

The Ephemeral Content Trend

by Chuck Forbes

Ephemeral content is characterized by its temporary existence. Snapchat became a pioneer with this concept by introducing disappearing messages and advertisements that were then picked up by other social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram. Ephemeral content preys on FOMO (the Fear of Missing Out) factor. This encourages users to not only take immediate action but stay on and check into the platform more often, so they don’t miss an opportunity. As users embraced this trend, advertisers saw the opportunity to follow and create content in social media feeds that would not be available for long.

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February 2 2024

Best Practices for Creating Podcast Content

by Chuck Forbes

Podcasts are not new to the content scene, but it’s understandable that brands may take more time to decide whether a podcast is the correct type of content to focus on. Most podcasts are also made into video clips, but at the very least, podcasts are saved in an audio format. For this reason, it may take brands longer to start a podcast because selecting a host(s) and creating the flow for your podcast may need several iterations before promoting aggressively. Podcasts are a great way to get your brand message out to an audience, show up in organic search and in streaming platforms, and collaborate with industry partners.

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January 26 2024

Optimizing Your Social Channels for Search Results

by Chuck Forbes

When we think about organic rankings, search engine optimization comes to mind. But there is another opportunity for organic search results from your social media channels. These rankings could prove just as valuable if you look at the user journey. A user clicking to your social media channel from organic rankings is making a pitstop on the way to your website. Instead of a direct line of traffic to your website from search, you can now gain a follower, post engagement, and still provide the user your website link.

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