Articles written in November, 2010

November 16 2010

Find (Or Create) Your Social Media Voice


We are taught in school that it’s important to follow your dreams and try to aim toward a scenario whereby you enjoy what you do for a living. I don’t know many people who are successful, but dislike what they do.

With this concept in mind, and being sensitive to the fact that most professions require some degree of marketing push in order to drive new business opportunities, I encourage you to pick a Social Media channel and begin creating content that contributes knowledge to your industry, which in turn will benefit you and your company.

The two methods that top my list of ways to socially engage are Twitter and blogging. Twitter enables you to contribute useful snippets on business related topics that others are (hopefully) interested in. Be mindful though of blurring the line between business and personal tweets. Here’s an article I wrote about that last month.

Blogs, such as this one are an excellent way to communicate with individuals who are looking to learn more about a particular topic or who need the type of product / service that your company delivers. Blogs that are consistently maintained help establish credibility, which can go a long way in driving sales. Interestingly, our four blogs are the most well read sections of our website.

Lastly, as you have probably noticed, both blog posts and Tweets are now showing up in the search results. They are excellent tools to gain organic presence in the engines and drive non-paid traffic to your sites. Invest the time to find the social media channel(s) that best fits your style, post consistently and you will begin to reap the benefits that Social Media is delivering today.

November 8 2010

Announcing LINKEDIN’s New Company Pages for Businesses



I was invited to attend Connect10, LinkedIn’s annual brand and marketing summit held in NYC this week.  In addition to recapping some of the features rolled out to the platform during 2010, they made a major announcement to introduce a new feature on Company Pages – Services.  Our company was one of a select few to participate in the pilot program for this and is very excited at the possibilities it offers advertisers.

MoreVisibility’s Company Page (you will need to be logged in to see a robust version) on LinkedIn features this new section (as a result of our participation in the pilot for the program) but it is still being rolled out to all companies – so you may or may not have the feature yet.  It appears on your Company page as a third tab, next to Overview and Careers, on your Company Page.  Adjacent to this (on the right) is where you will find the options of adding or editing this area of your page.  You must have a company email address in order to be able to modify the page for that company.


On the main Services page, you are able to list out your products or services, in addition to designated some as “featured”.  Companies can also segment products or services to specific audiences they select.  This is especially helpful for vertical focused solutions you offer.

To provide more information on each service or product, there is an option to create a Details page for each. Here is where you can elaborate with additional text, video and images which all support that specific product or service.  You can also request recommendations from client on specific products or services, which will be displayed on this page.  This is a great Landing Page to consider, as it offers contact info for your team and individual endorsements by others.

When signed into LinkedIn, please visit our Company Page to see this new feature in action!  We would welcome an opportunity to discuss your company’s strategy to leverage this channel, through paid advertising options and this free Company Page.  Email me or let’s connect through LinkedIn.

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