2011 Trends of Marketing with Videos Revealed

Bea Halstead - April 6, 2012

The concept behind marketing with video makes sense for social media for many reasons.  People are attracted to a visual medium, and video can provide stimulus for both the eyes and the ears.  There is a power behind providing your message in video if it’s done well, and engages the audience.   Basic concepts of creating videos aren’t so different from traditional marketing campaigns where a good story is the core concept behind the messaging.  Once the video is produced, uploading to YouTube and providing keyword rich titles, descriptions, meta tags to enhance the video’s exposure is also a key to marketing success.

In The Q4 2011 Video Marketing Survey and Video Trends Report by Web Video Marketing Council (WVMC) and Flimp Media shows that video marketing continues to trend upward as a strong marketing vehicle.

The latest survey results from the Web Video Marketing Council show that:

  • 81% of marketing professionals say that they have used video in their online marketing efforts.
  • 67% of marketing professionals have posted online video to their websites and 61% to social media sites.
  • 52% of respondents have used video email marketing and of those that have used it, 88% report that integrating video with email marketing has made a positive impact.

Social Media is the second largest used application for distributing marketing videos:

As the majority of the social channels support video sharing, it is clear why marketers continue to find value in participating in these platforms.   The added SEO value from optimizing videos to rank in organic search results also presents another viable reason to invest in this format.  As online marketing and social media marketing strategies develop, expect video to be the most sought after medium for communicating messaging to consumers.

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