Articles written in October, 2011

October 31 2011

LinkedIn for Law Firms


LinkedIn ( isn’t just for job seekers.  Over 120 million members makes LinkedIn the world’s largest professional network; a network your firm could use in a variety of different ways:

  • Establishing a Professional Presence: By including information about your firm as a LinkedIn Company Page, users of the social network can learn more about your firm on the medium of their choice and then move to other off-site mediums, such as your website, if they choose.  Additionally, as lawyers in your firm grow their professional profiles, they have the opportunity to add sections that could include slide presentations, blog posts, or other content that would help inform visitors to their professional profile about your firm. 
  • Resource & Knowledge Center (Groups): Groups on LinkedIn is a wonderful way for a firm to interact with those in an industry.  Individuals from your firm can ask questions, look through members interested in the same area as your firm, add job postings, and more.
  • Social Networking: The lawyers in your firm can network with other users who may seek legal services.  Be careful to abide by any restraints on who you may network with by checking with The Bar Association in your area.  Additionally, your firm can use LinkedIn to network with colleagues, perhaps those in other firms to whom you refer or are referred business.
  • Link Building: As the lawyers in your firm build professional profiles, they can post content including links back to your website or blog.  Their connections could read these posts and see the links and choose to link to your content.
  • Hiring: LinkedIn, with their built in Job section, is a wonderful way to connect with those looking for opportunities in the field of law.

The LinkedIn Learning Center has a User Guide specifically devoted to helping individual attorneys as well as law firms to take advantage of all of the opportunities LinkedIn has to offer.  If you are interested in growing your social media presence or hearing how MoreVisibility can help you grow on LinkedIn, please request a quote or contact us for more information.

October 28 2011

MoreVisibility Twitterchat October 27


Google’s New Change to Keyword Search will Impact Data for Analytics
Thursday October 27, 2011

MoreVisibility’s Twitterchat (#MVCHAT) took place yesterday, October 27 discussing the important new announcement from Google, regarding a change in the way keyword search data will now be gathered.    The topics discussed included:

  • The root of the change:  keyword search data will now take place over a secured server
  • New analytics keyword return :”not provided”
  • Privacy of the users will be protected, but at what cost for online marketers?

MVCHAT is a weekly 30 minute discussion starting at 3:30 pm (EST) covering a variety of online marketing topics. Clients, advertisers, and online marketing enthusiasts are invited to participate in this rapid-fire conversation by following and including #MVCHAT in tweets. Read more about #MVCHAT in the news here.

October 24 2011

How to Get Web Traffic with Authority


Nearly every large and successful company employs a number of SEO initiatives to stay successful. However, in many cases they can get a large number of conversions simply because of their brand name. On a deeper level, this is symbolic of the fact that these companies have authority – they are leaders in their industry.

You can do a lot to establish trust and authority for your business through the right kind of engagement on almost any social media site. LinkedIn, in particular, is a stellar example that often gets overlooked. Many professionals view the site as a way to keep tabs on their colleagues, but it is probably the best website you can use to increase your clout and authority in your given field.

Obviously, one of the best ways to establish yourself and your business as an authority is to answer the pressing questions in your industry. LinkedIn has the perfect venue for this with their Answers page. On Answers, members can post questions related to any given field of expertise. When you answer a question, your answer may be selected as a “Best Answer,” which is noted on your profile. By consistently answering questions related to your field, you can quickly build authority in your field among your target demographic.

In addition to Answers, you should also be interacting with your profile page by posting relevant company updates. If you author any blogs or press releases for your company, post them to your profile to get them to spread around. If you write prolifically enough on behalf of your industry, you may be able to become a Source on LinkedIn. If LinkedIn selects you to be a source, your writing will appear in LinkedIn Today – which has the potential to vastly multiply your traffic. If you’re interested in being a source, you must contact LinkedIn.

These efforts to build authority require a significant time investment on your part, so they may not be a fit for every company. However, the payoff can be significant.

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