Articles written in February, 2014

February 24 2014

Forget What You’ve Heard… Social Media is About Building Relationships


It’s easy to get caught up in all the hoopla surrounding social media marketing. Things like monitoring the changes in Facebook’s EdgeRank or Pinterest’s ever-changing contest rules can be overwhelming. But social media isn’t about rules, trends or even posts. It’s about people.

As such, any social media marketing strategy that doesn’t put your customers first misses the point.

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February 14 2014

3 Tools for Creating Stunning Social Media Images


Every marketer knows that visual posts receive more engagement. In fact, there is evidence that people will make quicker purchasing decisions when a promotion includes an image. Makes sense right? Think about how many images have been shared about the #SochiOlympics. We can live vicariously through athletes, journalists and correspondents and we prefer to do it through viewing pictures over reading articles and interviews.

One of the biggest roadblocks to having a visually appealing social profile is access to a graphic designer or the resources to hire one. So, how can you start adding more visuals to your social profiles if you don’t have an in-house designer? The answer is simple, with online image creation tools. Read More

February 12 2014

The Dos & Don’ts of Hashtags


Hashtags weave individual comments together to form a bigger-picture perspective on a given topic. They reveal to us what people are talking about and – in turn – what matters most to them. As a business owner, this information is vital, allowing you to not only be a fly on the wall, but to actively contribute to the greater conversation. But, as with anything, there’s a downside to the use of hashtags. And in this case, it’s the #overuse – #and #misuse — #of #the #trend. Here are some dos and don’ts as to how you can strategically use hashtags to tune into your audience, and tune out the irrelevant hashtag “noise.”

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