3 Tips for Effective Facebook Strategies

Tony Fazzini - December 29, 2015

A common concern we often hear from new clients is “we’re not receiving the engagement from our users we are looking for on Facebook.” Facebook engagement can be a challenge – especially if your company doesn’t have a good strategic foundation for using the channel. Here are three tips for an effective Facebook strategy:

  1. What is the goal of your content? – This sounds simple but is so often overlooked. Before posting any content, ask yourself “what do I want the user to do?” This question will help you frame how the information should be written and what the call to action will be. Then, you can easily measure the success of this content based on the goal you’ve now set.
  2. Tag any and all links that take a user off Facebook – Tagging is very important for any campaign, and Facebook is no exception. Tagging a URL will allow you to see what content drove users back to your website and what your most effective posts have been. If you need additional assistance on tagging, MoreVisibility offers a free tagging tool.
  3. Align Facebook Marketing with Your Other Efforts – What is trending right now on Facebook? How are you using content in other channels outside of Facebook? If you can tie all of this content together, users will not only find it relevant in Facebook, but it will keep your messaging consistent throughout all your different media outlets. This creates stronger brand recognition and can increase engagement.

A strong social media strategy is crucial to getting the most from your marketing efforts. Remember these three tips to help raise engagement in Facebook and ultimately, bring a larger audience to your website.

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