5 Tips for Increasing Social Engagement

Lauren Owens - October 1, 2015

Social marketers and experts love to say “create great content” but what if your great content simply isn’t getting the love that it used to? Then it’s probably time to shake things up. Follow these tips for spurring engagement when your great content simply isn’t enough.

Know your audience

Who are they? What do they want? What other things are they interested in? Once you discover the kinds of things that make your audience like, share, and comment, don’t get stuck because those things will only work for so long.

Change it up

Social users get bored very easily; so don’t deliver the same types of content all the time. Instead, change it up – share relevant links, images, and videos. But don’t just stick to curation – keep the “social” in social media and stay in the conversation as much as possible.

Ask questions

Asking questions is not only a great way to solicit post comments, it’s also a great way to get to know your audience. Then, you can start creating content your audience is more likely to respond to.

Monitor your competitors

Your competitors are attempting to do the same thing – engage the same audience on the same platform. You’re not only fighting for these people’s business, you’re fighting for their attention. So, just like you might check out your competitor’s website or blog, check out their social media pages too. What are your competitors doing to spur engagement? (Tip: In Facebook Insights, you can add Pages to watch so you can continually monitor your competitor’s social media marketing efforts without them being the wiser.)

Build Relationships

Social media has helped lower the barriers between companies and their customers. This is a very good thing but it only works when companies behave as human beings online. So, diligently monitor your social media pages, respond to questions and comments and follow / engage influencers who have the eyes and ears of your core audience.  (For more on this, download our guide on building influencer relationships.)

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