5 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Presence

Lindsey Stang - September 17, 2013

There are a number of ways to drive traffic and visibility to your Facebook page. Depending on the type of audience you are looking to engage and the industry you are targeting, there are different tactics you may want to employ.

With that being said, there are still some important methods to stick by when creating and maintaining a successful and highly visible Facebook page for your business. They include:

  1. Include a Call-to-Action on Your Page. When inviting your audience to engage through a comment, like or share, you are only benefiting your cause. It is important to create content on your page which requires audience participation and therefore increases online credibility and SEO ranking as well.
  2. Make Sure to Acknowledge and Give Praise. Share and tag those who you feel provide valuable content related to your industry, or topic you would like to cover on your page. If you enjoy a specific author, product or service, make sure to tag and mention the necessary parties.
  3. Install Facebook Plug-Ins on Your Company Website. Include like buttons and live-streams which display your Facebook content on your website. This will assist in providing awareness to your Facebook page. Additionally this will help others who may not yet be following you on Facebook, have the chance to preview what content you offer.
  4. Frequency Is Everything. It is extremely important to constantly provide content to your audience that is relevant, and requires engagement. Set-up a time each day which your audience can expect and look forward to your postings. This will only increase the number of loyal followers that you have.
  5. Include Images in Your Posts. Share fun images which cause engagement with your followers. Take the time to post images which share a new product or service and a description that matches.  This will only excite and intrigue your audience.

Take the time to implement some of these suggestions and you are guaranteed to see successful results on your Facebook page. Continue to follow the Social Media blog at More Visibility for powerful content which will only enhance your online presence and success.

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