A New Tactic to Consider: LinkedIn Conversation Ads

Andrea Hamilton - September 9, 2020

LinkedIn Conversation Ads are an evolution of a previously known ad type, Sponsored InMail. This iteration enables advertisers to engage with prospects in a more personal way. Think of it as the friendly conversation you’re having via any messaging device. It’s allowing you to do that in the LinkedIn platform and provides the user the ability to choose their own path and experience so that they can engage with your brand.

The ads show up in your message box within LinkedIn. What’s new and interesting is the way that you’re able to engage with the targeted user when they are actually live on LinkedIn. What makes these ads unique is that they feature a “choose your own path” experience, allowing businesses to create full-funnel campaigns with multiple customized CTAs. The expectation is that it will favorably impact conversion rates.

You are able to target any user on the platform for the purposes of reaching out to them in the same way that you are with a lead gen ad or a sponsored content ad. However, the new Conversation Ads are coming from an individual (hopefully) with an engaging profile, that synchs up industry-wise and in terms of the desired action that you want from the user.

From a reporting perspective, you would see the engagement reporting that we’re used to, including clicks, impressions and what that they’re clicking through on within the within the conversation.

This is an exciting new opportunity we’re testing with clients and anticipate it will become a valuable channel for B-B marketers.

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