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May 19 2014

Want Your Posts to Stand Out? You Need Images.


Content is king, everybody knows that. Therefore, marketers produce a large amount of content. And who could blame them? Search engines place a high importance on content, and perhaps more importantly, people love to consume it. So how then, can you make sure your content is noticed when everyone else is producing as much, if not more, content at the same time?

Not only must you be in the right channel for your target audience, the content you’re using to tell your story must stand out. A great way to ensure this is through the use of images.Read More

April 17 2014

Using Social Media as a Competitive Analysis Tool


Today, lots of companies are involved in social media, wooing likes, pluses and follows all in the name of building an audience and growing their market share. But the closer brands get to their customers, the more vulnerable they become to public criticism and negative feedback.

Sometimes, companies can be so focused on growing their audience that they fail to prepare for, and properly deal with, negative feedback. This is where their competitors can swoop in and gain a competitive advantage. And this is why you should be monitoring your competitor’s social pages for opportunities.Read More

February 14 2014

3 Tools for Creating Stunning Social Media Images


Every marketer knows that visual posts receive more engagement. In fact, there is evidence that people will make quicker purchasing decisions when a promotion includes an image. Makes sense right? Think about how many images have been shared about the #SochiOlympics. We can live vicariously through athletes, journalists and correspondents and we prefer to do it through viewing pictures over reading articles and interviews.

One of the biggest roadblocks to having a visually appealing social profile is access to a graphic designer or the resources to hire one. So, how can you start adding more visuals to your social profiles if you don’t have an in-house designer? The answer is simple, with online image creation tools. Read More

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