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January 6 2015

Social Advertising Tips & Tricks


While no form of digital advertising is 100% perfect, social advertising comes close. Thanks to an abundance of targeting options (including remarketing options), social advertising is a boon for marketers looking for new and exciting ways to gain attention and drive qualified traffic. Whether you’ve been using social advertising for years, or you’re a newbie, chances are you could be doing it better. In this post, we offer some expert tips for making the most of social advertising. Want more? Download our latest social white paper, Social Media Advertising: Opportunities and Keys for Success.Read More

April 17 2014

Using Social Media as a Competitive Analysis Tool


Today, lots of companies are involved in social media, wooing likes, pluses and follows all in the name of building an audience and growing their market share. But the closer brands get to their customers, the more vulnerable they become to public criticism and negative feedback.

Sometimes, companies can be so focused on growing their audience that they fail to prepare for, and properly deal with, negative feedback. This is where their competitors can swoop in and gain a competitive advantage. And this is why you should be monitoring your competitor’s social pages for opportunities.Read More

June 12 2009

New StumbleUpon Feature Leverages TweetDeck Success


With the ongoing growth of Social Media, new websites and tools, aimed at making it easier to update your many profiles, are emerging everyday. We all face the same issue: We have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a StumbleUpon toolbar and have no time to keep all three updated with content. Many businesses feel these same pains. TweetDeck is just one of the new tools that has been developed as a result of this need. Using TweetDeck, you can update your Twitter account and your Facebook status in one interface.

Keeping along this same line of thought, StumbleUpon, a free service that helps you discover and share websites with others, has announced a new feature that will go one step further. The feature will allow for simultaneous posts to Facebook, Twitter and Stumble Upon. Since many of us, both personally and professionally, don’t always have the same friends, fans, followers, etc. on each channel, this is a great way to make sure that your posts are reaching a wider audience. Of course, the advantage to StumbleUpon is that it will get more people back to their site from these other Social Media Channels. It’s a win-win for everyone.

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