Are you LinkedIn?

Ryan Faria - January 11, 2010

It seems that everywhere you go, someone is talking about Facebook.  Many business professionals have asked themselves ‘how can I have a business Facebook profile but separate it from my personal life?’   While some professionals have created multiple Facebook profiles, others have turned to LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the crème de la crème of virtual business networking.  This revolutionary professional social network lets organizations create pages which give specific company information such as geographic location, type of industry, company size, median age, male to female employee ratio and much more.  Each company page also includes relevant news articles as well as the recent New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) information.

However, one of the most unique features is the ability for individuals to post their own previous career experiences.   Each LinkedIn user can offer as much or as little information as they would like within their profile.  Contact Settings allow users to designate the type of connections they are looking to make.  Profiles can be used to reconnect with old business colleagues as well as receive reference and expertise requests.

More importantly users can also choose to receive information on job inquiries.  Viewing current or past employment experience via LinkedIn is becoming a new trend among recruiters and human resources personnel.  Could LinkedIn’s virtual resume eventually replace traditional resumes?  While LinkedIn is clearly the greener solution for employers, the future is anyone’s guess.

Worried about just anyone viewing your information?  Privacy settings allow you to select who is allowed to see profile information.  So what are you waiting for?  Create your LinkedIn today and be part of this ever-growing professional social network.

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