Are Your Facebook Ads Targeting The Right Audience?

Ryan Faria - November 13, 2009

With the boom of users participating in the social media channel, Facebook, many advertisers have begun to realize the value of advertising within social media networks.  Facebook allows advertisers to specifically target their exact demographic based on sex, age, location and interests.  However, many advertisers participating within the Facebook network are not actually indicating a precise demographic, and are causing their ads to be displayed throughout the entire site.  Targeting just a specific age group or gender may not be enough to generate brand awareness and sales.

By designating particular groups you may be able to capture a more relevant sector of users that are more inclined to purchase your product.  It is important think of category variations in order to further segment the audience.  For example, if a concert promoter is trying to gain publicity for an upcoming show, selecting ‘music’ as an interest within their profiles, is going to reach too broad of an interest base.  Instead, try choosing musical artists or bands that closely resemble the concert’s music genre as interest groups.  Not only will you be getting a specific demographic, but you know that those users will be more likely to attend the show.

There is an incredible value in reaching an audience through social media networks, but remember that not everyone thinks the same or has similar interests.  Even with the evolution of social media, in the short time of its existence much has changed, including the user base.  This makes targeting the appropriate visitor very important, and by doing so, you spend your advertising dollars wisely.

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