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January 10 2012

To Blog or Not To Blog?


To Blog or Not To Blog?
That is the question.
A blog’s purpose is pretty simple, to provide useful content for readers and consistently feed the site fresh and relevant content. Ideally, the post should contain keywords and phrases that your prospects will be searching for, as this will help your post gain organic positions.

To achieve effective results from blogging, it’s important to make weekly updates to ensure the site stays high and relevant among the top search engines. – I know, I know! Sometimes it’s hard to come up with topics for a new blog – most good blogs don’t talk about the company or the blogger themselves. When trying to figure out what to blog about, think about your reader (prospect/consumer). What are they searching for and what’s hot at the moment? Sometimes a good topic is to talk about difficulties and challenges most of your readers face. Example: if your clients often find themselves thinking if they should or should not blog, you could blog about the benefits of blogging. – do you get the picture here?

By blogging, you can also establish the company as an expert in the field. Writing good content that is relevant to your readers will help convey that your company and site are a valued, trusted resource. As you can imagine, by doing this, you will be bringing back your readers and encouraging them to contact you or your company.

So…. to answer the question, “To Blog!”

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November 15 2011

What can Google+ Pages do for my business?


Thanks to Google+ Pages, engaging a targeted audience is now easier and more effective than ever. Whether your business aims to promote upcoming products or share exciting news with its customers, Google+ Pages gives your business a platform in the ever-evolving social media world. 

Google + Pages is more than just another website for your business to add to its collection, it is the perfect place where interaction with your customers can be taken to another level.  As a business, you now have the opportunity to start a dialogue with your customers and receive the most valuable information available: their feedback. Customers will have the opportunity to ask you questions with real time video chats through the “Hangout” feature on your Google+ Page and receive your answers in the forum. 

And the conversation does not have to end there. In fact, your business can maintain the conversation; strengthening your relationship with consumers by asking questions in discussions and posting blogs. Google+ Pages also takes your information out to an even larger audience by allowing you to make your posts public where they can be found through searches. In the coming weeks, Google will make tools available to businesses which will access data about their Google+ Page users’ demographics adding to the appeal of Google + Pages as an instrument for businesses.

Other features available on your Google+ Page include: Circles, Messenger, Stream, What’s Hot and Ripples. Each feature, at its core, makes it easier to share your information with your users while at the same time making the experience fun for them.  Your business has the opportunity to tap into your customers in a medium which is not only cutting-edge, but also exciting.

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