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May 17 2012

Facebook Promotion: Top 10 Tips


It seems that everyone is on Facebook these days.  News about using the platform for business pepper broadcasts and print media alongside updates about the upcoming IPO.  If you have been waiting to create a Facebook page for your business or if you have one that you haven’t touched since creation, the following promotion tips are written for you.  Even if you are managing your business’s Facebook page, the following top ten tip list may give you a few ideas to help promote your page and your business on this constantly evolving social platform.

1.  Create Your Page
The first promotion tip is more of a step one – create your page.  Without a page, you will have nothing to promote and no one will have anything to talk about.  Create your page and make sure to include content.  Nobody will want to share a page that is blank or that looks abandoned.

2.  Manage Your Page
Create a schedule and begin adding interesting and informative content to your Facebook page, even if you don’t have a single follower.  When you start promoting your page, visitors will hopefully be curious what they can expect from you in regard to future communication.

3.  Invitations – Soft Launch
Your business’s social network can be divided into different groupings (such as employees, business partners, philanthropic partners, customers, friends, and family).  Each of these groups can be alerted to the creation of your Facebook page and invited to engage with you as you actively manage your page.  Initially, start with your friends, family, and employees.  Ask for feedback.  Make changes as needed.

4.  Invitations – Hard Launch
Now that you have a presence on Facebook, a number of friends/followers, and a calendar with which to guide your posts, you can invite your business partners, philanthropic partners, and customers to join you.  Since you are adding customers to the mix, make sure that there is someone monitoring your Facebook page for questions, feedback, and complaints and you have a plan in place to respond to each in a timely manner.

5.  Cross-Promote Your Social Media Channels
If you are active on other social channels, such as YouTube, Twitter, or others, consider adding content from these channels to Facebook or promoting Facebook within these channels.

6.  Link to Your Facebook Page From Your Website
Consider adding a Facebook icon and link to your Facebook page from your website. Consider embedding a Facebook module in your website or blog if applicable, to show what your customers and you are saying.

7.  Social Sharing Buttons
Consider adding the Facebook Like button to your website (or other social sharing buttons such as ShareThis or AddThis) to help visitors promote your content on Facebook.

8.  Consider Contests
Not only do contests give you a reason to promote your Facebook page on your website and in your other channels, but customers and potential customers tend to love a contest by a brand they like.  There are a variety of different contest set-ups available for Facebook, but they all must abide by Facebook’s guidelines.

9.  Don’t Forget Print
Just because Facebook and your website are digital, does not mean that you can not promote them in printed media related to your business.  Companies are posting icons or links to their Facebook pages on business cards, billboards, clothing, and even shopping bags.

10.  Paid Ads
Research the possible benefit of creating a Facebook ad to promote your business and Facebook page to be displayed on Facebook.  One big benefit of using paid Facebook ads is that the targeting is very precise and you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

Any or all of these promotional tips can help you build a Facebook page that becomes an important part of your marketing mix, but you can’t start without tip #1: Create Your Page.  If you would like additional tips, a social media strategy, or customized design for your Facebook page, please contact MoreVisibility.

October 31 2011

LinkedIn for Law Firms


LinkedIn ( isn’t just for job seekers.  Over 120 million members makes LinkedIn the world’s largest professional network; a network your firm could use in a variety of different ways:

  • Establishing a Professional Presence: By including information about your firm as a LinkedIn Company Page, users of the social network can learn more about your firm on the medium of their choice and then move to other off-site mediums, such as your website, if they choose.  Additionally, as lawyers in your firm grow their professional profiles, they have the opportunity to add sections that could include slide presentations, blog posts, or other content that would help inform visitors to their professional profile about your firm. 
  • Resource & Knowledge Center (Groups): Groups on LinkedIn is a wonderful way for a firm to interact with those in an industry.  Individuals from your firm can ask questions, look through members interested in the same area as your firm, add job postings, and more.
  • Social Networking: The lawyers in your firm can network with other users who may seek legal services.  Be careful to abide by any restraints on who you may network with by checking with The Bar Association in your area.  Additionally, your firm can use LinkedIn to network with colleagues, perhaps those in other firms to whom you refer or are referred business.
  • Link Building: As the lawyers in your firm build professional profiles, they can post content including links back to your website or blog.  Their connections could read these posts and see the links and choose to link to your content.
  • Hiring: LinkedIn, with their built in Job section, is a wonderful way to connect with those looking for opportunities in the field of law.

The LinkedIn Learning Center has a User Guide specifically devoted to helping individual attorneys as well as law firms to take advantage of all of the opportunities LinkedIn has to offer.  If you are interested in growing your social media presence or hearing how MoreVisibility can help you grow on LinkedIn, please request a quote or contact us for more information.

August 29 2011

Twitter Limits: Maximum Tweets Per Day


There are over two hundred million registered users of Twitter.  This number grows by hundreds of thousands each day as new users sign-up.  There are over one hundred and fifty million Tweets per day.  So many, in fact, that many people find it hard to monitor ongoing conversations without using special platforms.  Twitter is used not only by individual people, but by businesses, organizations, governments, and individuals on behalf of animals or fictional characters.  It seems everyone wants to share information in 140 character snippets. 

The White House ( @WhiteHouse ) uses Twitter to share quotes, information, and interact with citizens.  Jason Scott uses Twitter on-behalf-of his cat Sockington ( @Sockington ) and has amassed almost 1.5 Million followers (dubbed Army of Socks).  The mastermind behind the internet meme “Nyan Nyan Cat” (a looped music video of a pixelated cat shaped piece of buttered toast flying with a rainbow) signed-up for a Twitter account to share the sage advice “Nyan Nyan.”  On April 23, 2011, @NyanNyanCat had 114 Tweets and @replies containing little more than a variation of “Nyan” and some symbols.  Which makes one wonder, a repetitive looping fictional cat can make over 100 Tweets in a day – is there a maximum Tweets per day allowance?  How many Tweets can a business make before they reach Twitter’s maximum daily Tweet limit?

The answer is 1,000.  A Twitter user can make 1,000 Tweets in a day (although special restrictions apply

The takeaway from this blog post is simple: You have little to worry about with regard to the maximum number of allowed Tweets per day.  Your business should focus on delivering the most relevant content in 140 characters on a frequency that works for your audience.

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