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December 10 2015

Blogging Made Easy: Balancing Evergreen and Time-Specific Content


Ideally your blog is newsworthy and informative. After all, most people will likely read and/or subscribe to it because you are providing insights and expertise on topics that are of high importance to their daily work or lives. Developing and maintaining your blog’s content calendar can be overwhelming. With a target goal of posting 3-4 times per week and no crystal ball to predict news or time sensitive updates well in advance, how can you be expected to succeed? The key to a well-balanced blog schedule is evergreen content.

Just as the name implies, “evergreen content” is topically relevant no matter the season or time or year and regardless of what’s happening in the news. Whether you map out your blog posts one month, three months, or longer in advance you can always count on these topics to be relevant anytime you plug them into your publishing calendar.Read More

April 16 2015

When To Consider Outsourcing Your Blog Content


In an increasingly digital marketplace, it seems every business has jumped on the corporate blog bandwagon.

Some companies are clearly excelling at this and developing a following, and reaping the benefits of blogging. Others, for no lack of good intentions or enthusiasm, are not so successful in this space. If you are in the latter category, you are not alone.

While it’s common for companies to use their current employees for blogging, it can bring mixed results, for a couple of reasons. What these companies save using internal resources can end up costing them in terms of blog content quality, readership, respectability and results.Read More

January 10 2012

To Blog or Not To Blog?


To Blog or Not To Blog?
That is the question.
A blog’s purpose is pretty simple, to provide useful content for readers and consistently feed the site fresh and relevant content. Ideally, the post should contain keywords and phrases that your prospects will be searching for, as this will help your post gain organic positions.

To achieve effective results from blogging, it’s important to make weekly updates to ensure the site stays high and relevant among the top search engines. – I know, I know! Sometimes it’s hard to come up with topics for a new blog – most good blogs don’t talk about the company or the blogger themselves. When trying to figure out what to blog about, think about your reader (prospect/consumer). What are they searching for and what’s hot at the moment? Sometimes a good topic is to talk about difficulties and challenges most of your readers face. Example: if your clients often find themselves thinking if they should or should not blog, you could blog about the benefits of blogging. – do you get the picture here?

By blogging, you can also establish the company as an expert in the field. Writing good content that is relevant to your readers will help convey that your company and site are a valued, trusted resource. As you can imagine, by doing this, you will be bringing back your readers and encouraging them to contact you or your company.

So…. to answer the question, “To Blog!”

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